I want to download the GTT@home mobile application.

Guidance on how to locate and download the GTT@home mobile application.

Patients can automatically share their test results with their antenatal care team via the GTT@home mobile application.  The GTT@home app can be used on mobile devices using the Apple or Android operating systems.

The mobile application can be downloaded by:

  • Clicking the link here (if accessing this page on mobile). 
  • Typing gtt-at-home.com/app into your mobile browser.
  • Scanning the QR code below:

GTT@home Mobile Application



  1. The links provided above will automatically direct the user to the relevant download location, Apple App Store or Play Store, based on their device.
  2. While fully accessible and usable, the GTT@home app is not currently searchable from within the Apple App Store.  Please used the prescribed methods above to go straight to the app location within the Apple App Store.